Wish List



 Nutrena Safeguard Feed

 Soda & Juices for volunteers & riders during classes – favorites are Mountain Dew, Mug Root Beer – regular & diet, Brisk RaspberryTea, SpriteZero, Diet Coke, Diet CherryCoke,Orange &Grape Crush, &Capri Sun Coolers

 Copy paper

 InkCartridges forCanon MG5220 printer

 Rolls of Forever Stamps & Postcard Stamps

 Paper towels, small packets of tissues

 Games that can be adapted for riders on horses


Thank you!!


Some disabled riders need to have an instructor back ride with them during their class. This is when an instructor rides behind the student giving them bodily support while they are mounted. So this horse carries two people & is surrounded by volunteers.

Bounder has been our sole back riding horse since Tony was retired. As Bounder is aging, this job is becoming harder for him.  We need an additional horse capable of taking on this job.


Age – 8 – 15 years old

Size – 14-15 hands

Build – stout, heavy boned

Disposition – kid safe, bomb proof – like all our horses Also – cannot be overly responsive to cues, must have smooth gaits, cannot have any bad habits, must be able to load in trailer easily, good for hoof trimming and vet care, must be comfortable with many people working around him as a group.I know it’s a lot to ask, but we have had several wonderful horses handle this job.  Please call if you know of any prospects for this very important job as a therapist for our riders.  Some funds are available for his purchase, but remember – we are a non-profit group & much of our funding goes into taking care of the other horses, operating costs, and our indoor arena mortgage.

We Need Your Help-Red River Rivers provides physical and emotional therapy through horseback riding for people with disabilities. We welcome donations of cash, equipment, feed, and horses.

Please Donate to our Building Fund-We need your help to maintain our indoor riding arena for Red River Riders Therapeutic Riding Program for the Disabled. Any Donations would be welcome

Red River Riders is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible.Your donation of $10.00 would go a long way toward achieving our goal. Your tax-deductible check can be mailed to the address below.

Endowment Fund-Red River Riders welcomes contributions to its endowment fund. Please contact us for information on remembering Red River Riders in your will.Volunteer Red River Riders appreciates volunteer help. Contact us for how you can volunteer.