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Red River Riders Therapeutic Riding Program for the Disabled, Inc. provides lessons and training for people with special needs.

This is a non-profit group. Many folks don’t realize how much it costs to care for a horse. That is why Red River Riders has developed our ADOPT-A-HORSE program. By adopting a therapy horse, you can support a happy and healthy horse that will make a tremendous difference in the lives of riders with disabilities.

It’s easy!!!  Just fill out the form below and mail it with your contribution to Red River Riders.  It’s a great gift idea, too. If you choose to give the adoption as a gift, we will send the recipient a certificate.

ADOPTION OPTIONS (please check the appropriate lines):

Full Adoption                         One Month                                 One Year

Horse                                       ___  $ 234.25                        ___  $ 2,636.00

Partial Adoption                    One Month                          One Year

Hoof Trimming                     ___$ 25.00 (5 x/yr)           ___$ 125.00

Grain                                        ___$ 28.75                           ___$ 345.00

Hay                                           ___$ 80.50                           ___$ 966.00

Vet care/meds                       ___$ 50.00                            ___$ 600.00

Board                                       ___$ 50.00                            ___$ 600.00

Name______________________  Gift________________________


City________________   State____    Zip_______

Phone (daytime) _______________________(evening)______________

Mail this form along with your contribution to:

Red River Riders – N6669 Cherry Road, Shawano, WI 54166